Management Team

West Digital has brought together a group of talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds. They’ve worked on drama, documentaries, film and corporate productions developing skills of unparalleled diversity and quality. They have the facilities, technology and most importantly, the creative passion for bringing your project to life. So, if you have a creative or technical question regarding your production, you can speak to someone on our team who can guide you through the process and costs.


A talented colourist, Peter’s reputation precedes him. He started West Digital over 11 years ago and has built up a following with Directors, Producers Production Companies.

Because of his experience, Peter is always in demand across a wide range of genres. Over the last few years, he’s specialised in Factual, Factual Entertainment and Features.

Recent credits include Place in the Sun (Channel 4), Star Wars A Definitive History (Channel 5), Inside Buckingham Palace (Channel 5) and The Green Park: Tales From a Jewish Hotel (Feature).

Outside of post production, Peter enjoys photography and spending time with his family while running up and down mountains with Harriet the Labrador.



Darren co-founded West Digital and is Head of Finance, responsible for financial reporting and controlling for the company as well as financial strategy and risk management.

He loves nothing more than preparing and reviewing monthly profit and loss spreadsheets, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

Darren’s worked in the media for a number of years and he now provides strategic leadership to the business alongside Peter. He is currently responsible for the companies operations and investments and now oversees our growth strategy, particularly in emerging markets in broadcast TV.

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Lucie joined us in 2007 and is responsible for the day to day running of the facilities and the building.

Being the Director of Operations isn’t easy. Lucie has to oversee a team of 20 people (runners, bookings and our creative talent) while managing our facilities post production workflows and schedules. She believes in building strong relationships within the company is key, to ensure a strong, long-term partnerships with suppliers and clients.

She has been instrumental in making West Digital into a fast and flexible post facility capable of serving a wide variety of corporate and broadcast TV clients.

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Martin has lead the development, execution, and strategy for Ten Alps, ITN Productions and LIONSGATE Films. He’s commercially minded but creatively driven, a strategic thinker who lives and breathes post production.

Martin is proud to open WD doors to production companies who share West Digitals undying passion for creativity, innovative technology and thinking outside the box to produce amazing telly.

He lives in Tunbridge Wells and dreams of owning a rocketpack to make his commute that little bit quicker.

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