Online @ West Digital

With 4 online suites, West Digital can provide your company with the facilities and experience to deliver any video project. Our online edit suites consist of Avid Media Composer 8, Adobe CC,  Avid | DS Nitris and Final Cut Pro. In addition, all of our online suites are connected via RapidView, allowing seamless sharing of all project information, metadata and media.


We are used to handling tapeless formats and will ensure that your files are looked after, indexing any drive based material that comes into the building so that we know exactly what is on them. We work with many formats including Red, DPX, DSLR footage, XDCAM-EX and P2.  Each of these formats can create their own challenges when it comes to offline/online workflows. We’ve been through the learning curve and know how to make your post production go smoothly.

And we are always happy to advise which is the best format to use and to help you navigate your way around the myriad of options with HD shooting and HD deliverables.

If you would like a tour of our facilities or to talk to us about your next project, please call Martin or Lucie on 020 8743 5100. You can also drop us an email on and