Cloud collaboration

We’ve invested in the cloud to ensure West Digital can offer the best solution for editing, workflows and asset management. RapidView is cloud based post platform for project management, production workflows, digital asset management, transcoding and the delivery of video across the global network. The platform is unique in the way it offers post production creative collaboration for production companies, corporate video production companies and agencies.


We’ve been working with some of our clients for over 10  years and each day their video libraries continue to grow. The storage and management of this content is becoming ever more crucial to the efficiency of their current and upcoming productions where they will reuse library footage.

Production companies are looking to improve efficiency across all aspects of their productions. EditTracker enables companies the ability to store and reuse video content from within RapidView at West Digital. The system allows you to track the movement of your content to help the creative process while increasing efficiency and the life-cycle of content for Producers, Production Managers and Editors.

Benefits and features include:

  • Management of content throughout its entire life-cycle (key for productions with retention policies e.g Police Fly on the Wall Documentaries)
  • Audit trail for content and archive related tasks
  • Ability to select shots using low-res content from thumbnails
  • Operational and production management of video and metadata for specific projects and workflows
  • Flexible configuration options for categories and groups of content ensuring  fast retrieval
  • Reporting of archived content usage

EditTracker allows productions teams to deliver tangible benefits in the creation, preparation, storage and delivery of video.


West Digital developed ClipVault to securely archive and organise our clients media. The system is open to all of our clients, helping them easily find, share, manage and collaborate with their teams across the world. Clients store all of their re-usable GV shots in an easily searchable database for use in future productions.