West Digital Terms and Conditions of Business

West Digital Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business

The Company = West Digital Ltd (WD) The Client = You


These terms and conditions are those agreed between WD and the Client for the supply of goods or services. They supersede all previous agreements and understandings between the parties and apply unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by a director of WD.

You agree that you purchase goods or services from us without relying upon any written or oral representation except as provided in the accompanying quotation.

This agreement will be governed and enforced under and in accordance with English law.


We accept orders on the understanding that we will add VAT at the standard rate to the prices in the quotation. All invoices are payable on 30 days unless otherwise stated.

If the client does not have a credit account with WD, goods or services must be paid for on collection of the completed job. Payment may be made by cash/ cheque or bank transfer.

WD reserves the right (without disclosing a reason) to demand payment for work on collection at any time.

You will pay us as stated and agreed on the attached quotation and subsequent invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest @ 2.5% above the standard commercial HSBC bank lending rate.

We’ll assume that you have accepted invoices in full unless you send written notice otherwise within 21 days of the date the invoice is produced.

Approvals and Delivery

We’ll make every effort to deliver goods and services to you on time, but failure to do so will not affect your obligations under this agreement. We won’t be liable for any loss, damage or expense as a result of a delay or for any consequential loss.

Copyright and Confidentiality

We hold the copyright of all work. This will pass to you only when we have received full payment in cleared funds for all services rendered.

Both parties will treat all information about each other’s businesses or services as confidential and will not disclose such information to any third party, either during or after the term of the contract.

Client’s Obligations

Whilst on our premises and/or using our equipment every care must be taken to ensure that the equipment is used in a proper manner by competent trained employees only or by persons under their immediate supervision.

Where the malfunction of the equipment is due to the default of the Client; WD may charge the Client for the repair of the equipment including but not limited to the costs of repair, removal and transportation of the equipment.

If any of WD’s equipment is to leave the premises it must be fully insured by the client against all risks of loss and damage, to the full replacement value of the equipment as new. No equipment should be taken outside of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland without the written prior consent of WD.

Damage in Transit

If goods arrive damaged or incomplete you must indicate this when you sign for them and tell the carrier immediately. You must make any claim relating to this to us in writing within three days of delivery.

We don’t accept liability for damage, loss or delay in transit to your premises or to any other address you give us.


You may cancel or postpone any bookings up to 1 week before the scheduled start date.

You must have our written agreement to cancel any order you place. You’ll cover us against all loss arising from obligations or liabilities to suppliers or third parties incurred prior to the cancellation. We will also charge you for any work you completed or in progress when you cancel.

Any changes that you request to the specification of the goods or services you order can only be made with our agreement and may result in a change to the agreed price and an additional charge for any work completed or in progress.

We have the right to postpone or cancel services or delivery if we’re unable to fulfil our obligations or are hindered or prevented from doing so. In this case, we reserve the right to recover payment for work in progress. Postponement or cancellation will not give rise to any claim by you for compensation or any resulting loss, damage or expense.

Restrictions of Liability

You will indemnify us, and keep us indemnified against any proceedings, claims, damages, losses, expenses or liabilities which we may have as a result of any information, representation, reports data or material supplied, prepared or specifically approved by you. In particular, this relates to materials detailed under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, including news releases, articles, copy, artwork, detailed plans and programmes.

Any goods, materials and information that you supply to us will at all times be at your sole and entire risk, and we will not be held liable for it.